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Selling a Business is an integral part of entrepreneurship in nowadays and takes place more and more often.

Selling a business is a very important decision, because it can take place only specific periods of a business ownership life and reflects the great efforts the entrepreneur has put into his business, usually lasting a lifetime.

A Business Sale requires proper preparation, commitment to the details, assessment of many factors (internal and external environment, business environment, tendencies, psychology, e.t.c.) and implementation of a well designed methodology.

Reasons for Selling a Business

Entrepreneur’s change of business orientation
Liquidation of invested capital at a time favorable to the seller
Decision of the owner not to continue investing in the current business
Disagreement between business associates
Retirement of owner
Illness of owner
Cash flow problems
Non core activity

Services of deals&DEALS towards Sellers

A priory briefing and training of the Seller for all steps of the Sale-process.
Objective, impartial and professional guidance of the Seller in every step.
Compilation of the company file and the valuation study for the determination of the business value and revealing possible hidden value.
Development of the communication & marketing strategy.
Compilation of the presentation material of the Business for Sale.
Buying intention and capability screening of the potential buyers, before handing over information regarding the business for sale.
Safeguarding of confidentiality by implementing strict procedures for information handling.
Structure of business agreement proposal, in order to revealsynergiesand additional benefits, per buyer.
Structure of negotiation tactics.
Preparation of a-three party meetings (Buyer – Seller – deals&DEALS) in order to confirm the mutual interest (composition of necessary documents at each stage).
Coordination of any third-party consultants (lawyers, accountants, tax-advisors, etc) involved.
Assurance of time schedule, in order to finalize the agreement effectively.

Benefits of the participation of deals&DEALS

Utilization of the vast Buyers Database and our knowledge dealing with them.
Direct communication with Buyers who have already described their investment profile or have been carefully targeted and their intentions have been analyzed.
Targeting to Buyers who bring out synergies through the acquisition of the company (opportunity of gaining a higher price).
Revealing the true business value (financial, commercial and strategic) with objectivity and impartiality.
Business practices based on superior business ethics.

Respecting the reputation of each company and maintaining confidentiality in all stages of the procedure, we present only the list of sectors in which we have relevant experience.

For more information regarding BUSINESS FOR SALE please contact us for a confidential discussion.

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