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Business Valuations

Business valuation is a very complex process that requires the evaluation of many factors, taking also into account the reason why it is being performed, the time frame in which it has to be concluded, the type and size of the company as well as the characteristics of the market in which the company operates in.

Moreover, knowledge of all the valuation methods and the application of the most appropriate combination of them in each case are required.

Besides the Financial valuation, knowledge and experience are required for the valuation of the Commercial, Organizational and Legal-Tax situation of the company under consideration. This is necessary to reveal possible weaknesses or advantages the company might have with respect to the market position, the competition, the organizational structure and the technology infrastructure.

The deals&DEALS executives, with highly specialized knowledge and wide brokerage experience, apply the appropriate combinations of valuation & diagnosis methods, in order to determine the objective value of a company and to reveal any possible hidden value.

Reasons to perform a Valuation Study

Acquisition/Sale of a part or the whole of company’s capital shares
Merger with another company
Entrance of new shareholders /Withdrawal of current shareholders
Entrance of Venture Capital company
Development of Employee Stock Option Plan
Development of long-term strategic plan in order to maximize the company value (Business Value Maximization Plans)

Types of Valuation Studies

Opinion Valuation. For businesses with annual turnover less than €500Κ.
Value Analysis. For businesses with annual turnover from €500Κ to €1.000Κ.
Standard Valuation. For businesses with annual turnover from €1.000Κ to €3.000Κ.
M&A’s Valuation. The valuation model that deals&DEALS applies to determine the value of a company, is presented below:

Benefits of the participation of deals&DEALS

Objective valuation and Benchmarking study
Evaluation of financial, commercial and strategic factors and synergies
Application of best valuation techniques, in conformance with international standards
Development of scenarios and evaluation of synergies

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