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Business Plans

In today’s business environment, for the survival and development of companies, require timely and carefully planned interventions, combined with a clear strategic orientation.

In order for a new or an existing company to reach its goals, a well-structured updated Business Plan is needed, covering the following areas:
Mapping of the Current Situation
Overview of Market and Competition
SWOT Analysis
Determination of Strategic and Business Model
Determination of alternative Business Development Scenarios
Identification of needs in Capital and Organization per Scenario
Calculation of Economic Aggregates and Results per Scenario
Analysis of the Business Plan, in predefined projects, which will be realized according to the initial planning

Reasons for developing a Business Plan

Presentation to Investors (Financial Institutions, Venture Capitals, Business Angels, etc.)
Long-term Business Planning
Activity in new market / new product line
In case the company is sold and the new management wants a detailed business plan

Benefit from the participation of deals&DEALS

Our wide practical experience, our updated theoretical knowledge, our customer focused approach, our focus on realistic planning, combined with the objectivity of a “third eye”, are the main characteristics of our work and our philosophy.

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