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Small Business Demand

The decision of Buying a small Business is a very important one, because will accompany the Βuyer for a number of years and maybe for all his life and will have a major effect on his overall business activities.

Buying a business is a procedure that requires a clear aim and detailed planning.

Reasons to Buy a small business

Entrance into a new market/geographical area/ distribution channel
Fast gain of bigger market share
Immediate acquisition of know-how
Alternative Occupation

Services of deals&DEALS towards Buyers

Determination of the Buyers’ investment profile and the profile of companies for buying
Briefing of the Buyers for whole the process
Structure of proposal towards Sellers
Preparation of a-three party meetings (Buyer – Seller – deals&DEALS) in order to confirm the mutual interest)
Legal, financial and tax support
Safeguarding of confidentiality by implementing strict procedures for information handling
Assurance of time schedule, in order to finalize the agreement on time

Benefits of the participation of deals&DEALS

Utilization of vast Database of Sellers who have already signed exclusive entrusting documents with our company and their intentions are analyzed (this helps you to avoid unnecessary waste of means)
Assessment of the Buyer investment’s efficiency in order to advise you whether to buy or not
Objective, impartial and professional guidance of the Buyers
Legal, financial and tax support
Utilization of e-marketplaces for Buying and Selling Businesses

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